Your Appointment

All appointments are triaged by our receptionists/care navigators. Your query/request will be added to your registered GPs joblist, and an appropriate member of the team will contact you.

Your GP will view this joblist, and will decide if you need to be seen face to face, which is why it is important for you to give the receptionist/care navigator as much information as possible. They are fully trained to know how to navigate calls.

Appointments are available to book online with your registered GP (unfortunately at the moment, it is not possible to book Nurse or Health Care Assistant appointments online). This is a telephone call appointment and is not at the exact time slot that you have booked. Do not attend the surgeryPlease don't expect the phone call to be at the exact time of the appointment - these slots are also triaged, and will be dealt with by the most appropriate member of the team.

Our reception team is incredibly busy, and we are constantly reviewing the queueing system and the messages you hear when you call.

We do not close at lunchtimes, to provide increased access to our patients.

Please remain patient when in the phone queue - we receive well over 1000 calls per day.


Are we the right place to go?

We are facing an unprecedented workload post COVID and we need to ensure we are talking to those who really need our advice. 

Unfortunately a lot of people are turning to us because other services are busy.  That is overloading us.

Even before COVID, the NHS was doing a lot of work to try to educate/advise patients to go to the most appropriate place for their problem, not just to call the GP.  More and more services are now available for patients to contact directly without seeing the GP first.  It is part of the government's "5 year forward view" for the future of the NHS.

If you have a problem, please consider first whether or not you can resolve it WITHOUT contacting us. 

If you contact us about a problem which would be more appropriately handled elsewhere, we will redirect you to the correct and appropriate place.

This is why our reception team need to ask you questions, to find out the most appropriate pathway. Please don't be offended or refuse to answer their questions. They are trying to help you get to the right person first time, so that everyone gets what they need as quickly and smoothy as possible.  This is called "Navigation" and again is part of the NHS 5year Forward View.  

Have you checked for advice on line?


  • experienced advice on minor conditions including: 
    Backache Haemorrhoids
    Athletes foot Insect bites and stings
    Colds Threadworm
    Hay fever Earache
    Mouth ulcers Eczema
    Conjunctivitis Allergies
    Head lice Rashes
    Nappy rash Minor Injury
    Constipation Indigestion
    Teething Sore throat
    Headache and fever speak to 111 during COVID
    Cough speak to 111 during COVID
  • antibiotics for eye and ear infections (when needed)
  • order your regular medication
  • an emergency supply of your regular medication even without a prescription
  • the "morning after" pill
  • Note you are able to phone your pharmacy - find their number on their website or on your last prescription


  • minor eye complaints such as red or watering eyes
  • during COVID most opticians are closed to walk-in patients but you are able to call them for advice or to book an appointment - find their number on their website

Minor eye conditions service 

  • Some opticians have extra training and experience and deal with more complicated "minor eye conditions" such as
    • Recent sudden onset Red Eyes
    • Recent sudden onset Irritated or Inflamed Eyes
    • Sticky Discharge or Recent sudden onset Watery Eyes
    • In-growing Eyelashes
    • Foreign bodies in the Eye – urgent conditions will be redirected to A&E if treatment is required in under 24 hours
    • Recently occurring flashes or floaters


All other NHS services (including hearing centres) are open and can offer advice via their website or over the telephone if not in person.

NHS Direct is available at any time of day by calling 111 or online at   They will help you know where you should go for advice.

College nurses are available throughout term for undergraduate and graduate students.  We work closely with the nurses and so if the nurses feels you need to see a doctor, it can be arranged. 

a hand holding a cell phone

We don't help with...


The hospital is responsible for any queries relating to

  • Appointments at the hospital
  • Cancelled and postponed hospital appointments and procedures
  • Tests and results suggested by them 
  • Advice and information about any treatment they have recommended
  • Preoperative tests and assessments
  • Anything relating to how COVID might impact on your care under them
  • Sick notes when they have suggested you need time off work, or to cover you for whilst you were in hospital

We recommend you check your hospital's website in the first instance. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has added strain on all NHS services.  Waiting times for outpatient and specialist appointments and procedures have increased for everybody.  We appreciate that this can cause worry and uncertainty about when you will be seen by the hospital.  However GPs do not have access to any of the hospital appointment/waiting lists and we cannot answer any of these questions. 

Unfortunately GP practices across the country are becoming overwhelmed with calls about hospital things, simply because patients are finding it difficult to get advice from anywhere else.  That is clogging up GP phone lines with calls we cannot answer and ultimately making it more difficult for patients to contact us about genuine GP work.


If you can't get the information you need, you should contact PALS (the "Patient Advice and Liaison Service") via the hospital website.


Unfortunately we do not deal with any of the above hospital matters as we are busy with our own work.  If you contact us about any of the above we will redirect you to call the hospital Patient Helpdesk.



Addenbrooke's have a very good online service patient portal called "MyChart" which will help you with most of the above.  To sign up, speak to your Addenbrooke's team next time you see them.  MyChart also has the facility for you to send an enquiry directly to your specialist team. 


COVID Advice (unless you're ill)

Your GP surgery does not offer advice on measures to take to keep safe / impact on your work / how to obtain a test / who is considered to be at higher risk / concerns about being in contact with cases or suspected cases / vaccinations done abroad.  Queries relating to these will be redirected to the Government Coronavirus Website.

If you are concerned you may have coronavirus, please contact NHS 111 online in the first instance.

Missed appointments

It is important that you let us know if you are unable to make your appointment.  This will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient.

Unfortunately we find that several hundred appointments are wasted each month due to patients failing to let us know.  That is equivalent to more than one doctor or nurse. 

If you fail to notify the Practice that you are unable to make your appointment, you will be sent a letter informing you that you have defaulted from your appointment.  Persistent defaulters maybe removed from the list.


Home Visits

GPs do provide a home visit service for patients who we need to see in person and who are genuinely housebound because of illness or disability.

However unfortunately we are not able to visit patients unless it is absolutely necessary.  We will use our clinical judgement in each case, and considering the needs of all our patients. 

If possible please try to telephone 01223 364127 before 10:30 if you feel you may require a home visit.  One of our team will contact you to discuss the problem first.

Hospital Transport

If you have an appointment at the hospital or at an NHS treatment centre (not the GP surgery), but are unable to travel by private or public transport for medical reasons, you may be eligible for non-emergency patient transport.

This is provided by the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST).  Call 0345 603 8117.

Lines are open: Monday - Sunday, 08:00 to 18:30. Before a booking is made, you'll be asked some short questions to see if you are eligible to use the service.

This is not longer booked through the GP surgery.

Currently away from home?

NHS Website

The NHS website is available to anyone worldwide, provided they have access to the internet.


The NHS 111 advice line is not available to patients outside of the UK.

Still in the UK?

If you are away from home but you are still in the UK, we are still able to offer you advice and treatment. 

Most of our consultations are remote (telephone, text etc) so it does not make a difference whether you are at home or elsewere in the UK. 

However if we feel we need to see you in person you will be asked either to come back to Cambridge, or to contact the GP local to your current area and ask to be seen as a temporary patient.  It is important to be seen as a temporary patient, because if you fully register with another practice in the UK your registration with us will automatically be cancelled.   


We are able to send prescriptions to any pharmacy in England.  We will ask you for the postcode of the pharmacy you wish to use.

If you are in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland we will not be able to send a prescription to you.  (NB we no longer do any paper prescriptions so we cannot post one to you.)  One option is for you to arrange for someone else to collect your medication in England and to send it to you.  Otherwise you will need to speak to a GP in your local area as above.

Not currently in the UK?

We are simply not able to offer medical advice to people who are not in the UK.

The NHS treats patients who are in the UK, not those abroad. 

Our medical licences (and our medical insurance) only allow us to practice medicine in the UK.  That means the patient MUST be in the UK.

If you are not in the UK and you need medical advice beyond what is available on the NHS website, you will need to contact local medical services in your area.

We strongly recommend you have appropriate medical travel insurance in place before starting your journey.


a hand holding a cell phone

Text Service

We have a texting service which will send you confirmation and reminders about your appointments.  We may also use text to reply when you contact us.

If prefer not to use this service, please let us know.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers or email address.

Extended Opening Hours

Early Morning Appointments

Extended hours surgeries are offered at Huntingdon Road Surgery on Thursdays and Fridays 07:15 – 08:00 for pre-booked appointments only.


Evening and Weekend Appointments

Extra appointments to see a GP or a nurse in the evening or at the weekend are now available to all patients. 

  • These include appointments provided on our behalf by Cambs GP Network ("Extended Access") which may be at a different surgery.
  • Please see the Cambs GP Network website for more information.


 To book an appointment, please ask reception.


Opening Times

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